VP of Brokerage Operations

Come and transform the way 60 million Americans get their Medicare insurance.

Calyx Health is building the healthcare system seniors deserve and the country urgently needs. Calyx Advantage, our health insurance agency business, is key to realizing that mission.

The VP of Brokerage Operations will own Calyx Advantage reporting directly to our CEO. Calyx Advantage is in its early days, having been incubated within the company; but with a major enterprise contract imminent, the business is ready to break out and operate as an independent unit. Therefore, the scope of this role is broad, spanning operations, product, business development, growth, and finance.

a successful candidate will:

  • Recruit a team to begin executing on the first enterprise contract

  • Establish repeatable processes and successfully optimize them for scaling

  • Interface with engineering and others to develop products that improve the consumer experience and broker effectiveness

  • Carry out business development to secure additional enterprise contracts

  • Effectively manage the P&L for an independent business unit within Calyx Health

An Ideal Candidate:

  •  Naturally has the patience and enthusiasm to work with seniors

  • Has experience as an early startup employee or already operates with the urgency and independence needed to deliver on goals with minimal support

  • Is a clear and persuasive communicator that performs well in sales environments

  • Has experience leading and building teams in the past

  • Has familiarity with healthcare and health insurance


Please email careers@calyxhealth.com